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Thursday, 22 December 2016

Tips for productive study sessions you should try today

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So you have assignment writing to do but your siblings have brought some friends over and it’s really hard to concentrate on the work because of all the noise. You really want peace and some silence for a little bit so that you can get your work done with full concentration. 

Having distractions around increases the time an assignment writing takes because you think of something and you forget it due to lack of attention. It is very important to study with complete focus and with a clear mind. You may not believe but even in this noise there is a way out and you can study with complete concentration right where you are. Read on to find out how:

If music helps you concentrate than just put on your headphones, load up your favorite playlist and block the distractions out. Music helps a lot of people in concentrating on their work so if it suits you you’re lucky as you can study anywhere you want with music on. But make sure that the music itself does not start distracting you, because that would be completely counterproductive.

There are a lot of apps that blocks the notifications on your phone, download one of them and restrict yourself from the social media apps and have a quality, productive study session with no notifications to distract you.

Choose a time of the day when you are active, you are thinking clearly, your mind is fresh and there aren’t that many distractions around. So when your mind is fresh, concentrating on the assignment writing becomes easy and in fact, fun.

Try to be as organized as you can in every part of your academic life. Keep the work station clear, everything in place, some sticky notes around, stationary sorted and the necessary equipment within reach.  When you are organized you don’t waste time looking for things and you have everything within your reach. You save a lot of energy and time by not looking for things in random places when you are working because everything is in its place.

When you sit down for assignment writing, start with reading the question and then look for the guidelines and try to understand the objective of the question. Brainstorm your prior knowledge about that particular question and find out how much do you already know. Now that you know what you need for your assignment you will not take a lot of time in looking up the content you need further.

 It is impossible to concentrate on an assignment with a hundred things in your mind that you have to do. You might have an essay to write or some other written work to do that may not be important but since you have to do it, it is nagging you at the back of your mind. Get help from the assignment writing services available online and assign them the work that you find lengthy or unimportant.


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  1. Combine studies and productive. this is something i believe can never happen, I had tried it many time but i believe when you are with your friends, you can do anything else then studies..


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